The Mothers Group Inc.

The Mothers Group began in 1988 when Dr. Brenda Lloyd-Jones and Ms. Tara Ravnell Bradley joined together to provide support for other women through the exchange of positive information and to expand friendship among the member's children.

Brenda Lloyd-Jones Tara Ravnell Bradley

Brenda Lloyd-Jones Tara Ravnell Bradley


The Mothers Group Inc., is a nonprofit organization and comprised of women in the Tulsa area that are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children by advancing the importance of education, human diversity and family interaction.

The organization is well known for its annual Santa Community Project, which promotes books and reading and features a Black Santa and Mrs. Claus. The happy couple is successful at demonstrating that love, kindness and generosity come in many colors.

Board of Directors:

Tangie Jones-Ballard, President
Yvonne Underwood Holmes, Vice President
Cynthia Pierce Esq., Treasurer
Kimberly Blake, Secretary
Dr. Brenda Lloyd-Jones, Founder
Michelle Claybon
Carmela Hill
Yvonne Hovell
Darlene Jacobs
Melissa Jones-Chunu
Ruth Lloyd
Dr. Joyce McClellan
Audrey McGill
Colleen Payne-Nabors
Helga Price
Dana Richardson
Zelda Rowlett
Sheila Shields
Charlotte Shillingford
Leslie Wade
Dr. Nicole Washington
Rita Williams

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